What if Cinderella High Hoeders were all made of real gold?

CINDERELLA HIGH HEELS: What if the real thing? 

The Cinderella High heels, or “pink-colored” ones as the manufacturer puts it, are a classic, and one of the most widely worn.

But now a new line of high-end Cinderella heels has been unveiled by the company.

These Cinderella High heel boots are made of 100% gold, with the heel section being entirely made of a material that is said to mimic the natural softness of the natural skin.

A high-quality, natural, and lightweight material for the heels that is supposed to mimic natural skin The Cinderella High shoes are priced at around $1,500 (about £1,300).

The heels are also known for being extremely comfortable and durable, with only one piece of fabric used to make them, which is a polyester mesh lining.

The mesh lining allows for breathability, while the fabric is said by the manufacturer to provide warmth and support for the foot, giving the feet the same level of support as a sock. 

The lace-covered heels are made in the US by the brand Cinderella High, which uses a variety of materials for its footwear.

It uses polyester, a material used in high-performance fabrics.

The shoes are also covered with a natural gold coating that gives them the appearance of the skin on the heel, as opposed to the gloss of the lace.

The designer behind the Cinderella High line is Kelsey Houghton, who is known for her designs for the US fashion brands Lace &Lace and Fashion.

The designer is a huge fan of the royal family, and has worked with Queen Elizabeth and Princess Diana as well as Queen Michelle. 

Cheryl is a former Disney princess, but has since switched her focus to high-fashion. 

Houghton has also made an incredible range of high fashion collaborations with other brands, such as the famous Bathrobe Collection, which has collaborated with Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Lopez, and Kim Kardashian.

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