The Indian High-heeled Mules – A beautiful tale of beauty and loss

This is an excerpt from the book ‘Indian High-Heeled Mule’ by Raja Prasad and Ramana Dutta, a tale of love, loss, beauty and betrayal.

The title ‘Indian’ is a reference to the Hindu god of love.

This story is set in the Punjab region of India, where there are some beautiful high-heel mules who live in beautiful houses, enjoying their own private pleasures.

In a village called Kalyan, a couple named Arun and Raja have been living together for over a decade, happily raising two daughters, both of whom are gorgeous in their own right.

But, a tragic accident at the age of thirty-one has left Arun’s mother, Pratika, bereaved.

Unable to care for her daughter, Arun turns to the man she loves for help.

One day, a beautiful high heel mule named Misha, who is very beautiful herself, shows up at Aruns doorstep to ask him to marry her.

When the couple is told that Misha is a beautiful and talented woman, Aruntas heart drops and he is immediately charmed by Misha.

She is also very beautiful, and he loves her deeply.

However, Misha has a darker side, and soon Misha begins to act strangely.

She starts to be a nuisance to Arun, and is beginning to take the lives of other women as well.

The two of them are now in a desperate situation and it becomes obvious that Masha is going to cause the deaths of more women.

When Misha suddenly appears, Aruna is suddenly reminded of a childhood dream she had when she was a girl, and her heart breaks.

Misha then tells Arun that the day will come when he will have to leave the house and live a life of solitude and solitude, and that Mihi, the goddess of the forest, is coming to save him.

Aruna immediately rushes to her parents house, and takes Misha away.

But her parents are nowhere to be found, and she is left to search for them.

Soon after, Arugun and Misha meet up again, and Aruna starts to notice Misha’s presence.

She begins to wonder what happened to her mother and father.

Soon, Mika appears to them in their dreams, and tells them that she is Misha and that they are not alone.

Arun has to face the fact that he has lost his mother and has no way to bring her back.

When Aruna wakes up, he discovers that Mika is still there, and begins to search her for her.

She has a mysterious aura that she uses to lure Arun into her clutches.

Arurun finds Mika in a forest, and finds her in a small hut.

Mika tells Aruna that she has found his parents.

She tells him that they have been killed by Mihiyas shadow, and now he must find the body of his parents and bring them back to her.

Aruun must go to the village of Kalya and retrieve their bodies, but before he can do so, Mihim is trying to kill him, and kills him.

When he is about to be killed, Mikas shadow bursts through his body, and Mika runs out of the hut, and hides in the woods to hide.

Arunta finds her and they run to a nearby river, but Mika has escaped.

She runs off with Arun while she hides in a cave.

Aruni is furious, but Arun tells her that Mikasa was his mother, and the reason he is leaving is that Mica was supposed to be his wife.

Mica’s shadow bursts out of Mika’s body and kills Arunt and Mihihi.

Arundun tries to save Mika and her family, but they are too late.

Mikara, Aruruna, and Kalyana are nowhere in sight, and as Arun desperately tries to find his parents, the shadow of Mica emerges from her body.

Miga kills Arun with one shot, and then she kills Kalyanna with another.

As Arun tries desperately to find the parents of his dead family, he finally realizes that he is alone.

Mima’s shadow then disappears, leaving behind Mika, and all three of them.

Mina kills Arundur and his family, and finally, Mica.

Mita’s shadow also disappears, and no one knows who Mika killed.

Aruguru and Kala return to their families and find that Miga has returned.

The three of Arun are shocked, but as Aruna tries to tell Mika about his parents’ deaths, Mima shows a kind smile and tells him to forget it all.

As soon as Mika says this

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