Valentino High-Heels Clipart, High-Top and the Art of Fashion

I have the feeling this is going to be a very long post. 

The Valentino collection is a high-end line of high-fashion footwear made with leather, suede and rubber.

They started out as a line of sneakers, but over the years they’ve expanded into a line for shoes that are made with a variety of materials including leather, rubber, suedes and even synthetic fibers. 

Now, Valentino is looking to make the next generation of high fashion shoes with their new collection, which they are calling High-Top. 

High Top will debut at Milan Fashion Week on January 16, and will be available to buy exclusively at Valentinopro. 

“We wanted to make a statement in our market and to give something that could be enjoyed and appreciated by anyone,” Valentino said in a statement. 

We wanted High-Tops to be something that was fun to wear with high heels and not just be worn with them. 

With this in mind, the company is offering up a limited run of High-Stops, which are available in different colors and designs. 

Each High-Tip is made from an organic leather, which means that the leathers are also natural leather. 

 “Our High-Fits are the best in the world.

We’ve tried to make them as unique as possible.

It was our goal to give them an organic feel and feel of nature.

So, the leather is from a real wild animal and not from the leather industry,” Valentini said. 

When asked about the look, Valentino responded that the shoes were inspired by “the animals in the natural world.” 

“It’s very much a natural product,” he added.

“When you’re talking about leathers from a wild animal, it looks beautiful.” 

High Tops are available exclusively at and will retail for $399.

The High-Highs will be coming out on January 18. 

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