How to avoid the high heel homicide

There is an epidemic of high heel homicides and it is killing women in their prime.

They have been known to be the worst killers in the country and now a new research project has found that the high heels are not the culprits, at least not in terms of the death toll.

The study of more than 200,000 pairs of high heels by University of Sheffield researchers has found there is no link between high heel injuries and homicide. 

But in a study published this week in the British Medical Journal, the study team has revealed that the cause of the high-heeled murder of women could be the footwear they wear, rather than the type of shoes they are wearing.

High heel is an extreme form of the heel, which is where the heel meets the foot.

The high heel is not normally a cause of death but it can be a contributory factor to it.

In this case, it appears that the killer is using a high heel that is not meant for comfort, but is for performance.

High heels are more likely to be associated with suicide than homicide High heels can increase the risk of sudden death.

In the United States, a study from the University of Illinois found that women are about five times more likely than men to die from sudden death caused by a fall or fall-related injury.

The authors concluded that the higher the rate of death caused with high heels the higher that rate of suicide.

High-heel injuries are also associated with lower survival rates.

A recent study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine found that among men, the rate for a high-HEI (high heel injury) is three times higher than the rate among women.

High HEIs have also been linked to high rates of depression and anxiety disorders, and to a greater risk of suicide attempts.

In an article in the UK’s Sunday Times, researchers analysed the deaths of more 20,000 men and women aged between 45 and 80 from the years 1997 to 2013.

They found that nearly half of the women had a high heels injury.

Women who were found to have a high heeled injury were much more likely at the time to be unemployed, to be living in their own home, to have poor health and to be homeless.

In contrast, the men who had a similar injury were more likely of to be employed and of to have more health and education than women who had not suffered an injury.

High heeled injuries can lead to depression and poor health Depression and anxiety are also common in high heels.

High ankle injuries are one of the causes of high blood pressure and diabetes, and low blood pressure.

It is also a risk factor for obesity and heart disease.

A study published last year in the European Journal of Epidemiology found that high heels were the most common cause of high ankle fractures, while high heel foot injuries were linked to fractures of the femur and pelvis.

High high heels also increase the chances of heart disease, and lower the chances for the heart to beat.

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