‘You are beautiful’: Fashion designer calls out the Trump tweet

A New York fashion designer has accused Donald Trump of being “unfair” and “unhelpful” in a tweet about her new shoes.

Valentino High, whose namesake is based in New York, launched its “You are Beautiful” line of high heels in September and has been praised for its appeal.

Ms Valientino told the Independent that she was “disgusted” by the president’s tweet on Thursday night.

“I was disgusted by that tweet,” she said.

“I’m a woman who has been fighting against sexism and I was outraged by that.

I have a beautiful body and I want to show it, so I’m going to keep fighting.”

She added that she is not anti-Trump and that she would not wear the shoes herself if the US president continued to express his views.

“When I see the tweets, I’m very surprised by them,” she told the paper.

“What am I supposed to do?

I’m a professional.

I can’t wear heels.”‘

Not in a good way’Valentina said she was shocked by the backlash against her shoes, adding that she had not planned to wear the heels at all and has not yet received a formal response from the president.

“Not in my opinion, not in a great way,” she added.

“But I think I’m in a bad way.

It’s not in the best interests of women.””

He has an opinion, I have an opinion.

It’s not in the best interests of women.”

Ms Valentino has faced criticism for her clothing line after a photo emerged of her wearing high heels with a Donald Trump T-shirt on the cover.

In a statement on Thursday, a spokesperson for the fashion brand said: “Valentine’s high heels are an accessory for every woman, whether they are a woman in her 30s or an older woman, and Valentino High is proud to be the first brand to create and manufacture a high-end line of luxury heels in a variety of styles for both men and women.”

The statement continued: “While the Ivanka Trump brand has not been involved in Valentino’s product development, Valentino has created a line of signature and contemporary high heels for women of all ages and styles, including for President Trump, to wear.”‘

You’re a piece of s—‘Valientino has also faced criticism on social media for suggesting that she could be seen in the shoes “without her glasses” if she wore them.

“You are a piece a s—,” she tweeted on Thursday.

“You have to have glasses.

I am a very visual person.”

Valentinos shoes have been criticized for their “sartorial quality” and for not being made with materials that reflect “the true face of a woman”.

Valentinas spokesperson told the BBC that Valentinos high heels had “no sartorial value whatsoever”.

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