Reddit’s snake high heel shoe looks like a cute toy, but is really a hot high heel

Reddit’s snakeskin high heel looks cute, but it’s actually the most expensive piece of high heels on the internet, and it comes with a price tag that could make your pants smell like rotten eggs.

The shoes are made by the snake brand Snake High, and they’re designed to resemble a pair of high-heeled socks with a snake on the heel.

The design is actually based on a classic pair of socks that were created by Japanese artist Hiroshi Nishimura, and the shoes are sold exclusively through Reddit.

The price is around $60,000, but users have reported seeing them at $1,400-$1,500 a pair, according to

The snake high-elastic sock is made of a material called snake oil, which is supposed to provide elasticity, durability, and stretch.

However, the material can also get slippery, so you’ll probably want to use some protection when you wear the shoes, which are designed to be worn under a tight shirt.

However… it’s not like you can just take the socks off the shoe without getting your pants dirty.

To get the best look, you’ll want to take your shoes off before you wear them.

The shoe will remain in place even after you put it back on.

In fact, you could take them off before the socks have been on your feet for 24 hours.

It’s also possible to wear the socks with your underwear underneath them, but that could be a little more awkward, since the snakeskin will make the socks look even more like socks than normal socks.

As we’ve mentioned before, the snakeskins are made of polyester, which means they’ll stretch more when you put them on, so if you’re going to wear them in public, you may want to consider the polyester option instead.

In the end, we’re not sure why these snakeskin sneakers are so expensive, but you can find them for around $1.50 on Amazon, or on the snake company’s site.

You can see all of Reddit’s high heels in action in the video above.

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