When a designer’s shoes can get you kicked in the balls

The designers at the designer footwear brand Hedi Slimane and their high-fashion brand Vans have developed a new line of high-heeled shoes that are designed to go with a designer gown or wedding dress.

The new line, called Strappy High Heels, includes some high-end shoes designed for high-brow weddings, as well as some that are for casual occasions.

The Strappy line is made of leather, nylon, rubber, and suede.

The shoes also feature a special rubber material to help cushion and cushion your foot.

The shoe, which comes in two sizes, is available in both black and grey and is available online now.

The design and colors for the shoes are very subtle, but the shoes themselves are quite high-tech, as the designer, Jonathan Dallen, said in a statement.

“We wanted to offer the best quality footwear that you can wear in a casual setting,” Daller said.

“The design and materials we chose are so precise, you don’t need to take the time to put them on.”

The Strappys high-sheen shoes have a cushioning rubber for cushioning the soles, a high-quality, lightweight nylon and rubber lining to protect your feet from the cold, and a low-cut, black and white leather upper with black detailing for a very elegant look.

The leather upper is also breathable and is made from an environmentally friendly material.

These shoes are designed for casual settings, but can be worn with a gown, dress, or formal occasion.

There are three styles of the Strappies high-low heels.

The first is the high-top, which is designed for women, while the second is the low-top which is for men.

The third is the “low-top” which is made for men who wear jeans.

“High heels are not the only style, but Strappy shoes are not limited to just heels,” Dalen said.

This is not the first high-priced fashion line that Hedi has created.

In 2014, Hedi unveiled its first high heel line called “Strive.”

The line was priced at $4,600 and included a wide range of shoes from shoes like the Dolce & Gabbana Balmain High-Low, the Alexander McQueen Low-Mid, and the Hedi Strappy.

The company is not alone in its high-profile creations, with other high-level fashion houses like Chanel, Alexander McBride, and Hedi also making high-value shoes.

The designer’s Strappy high-tops have been available in the U.S. since at least 2016.

You can read more about the high heels and the company that makes them on Hedi’s site.

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