How to make your high heels look like gold

High heels are not just for women anymore.

They are now becoming a fashion accessory for men too.

And, the new trend is making them look so sexy that they are becoming a major trendsetter in the fashion world.

We spoke to the creator of one of the hottest heels in the world to find out how she made them look the way they do.1.

Gold-plated high heelsSilver high heels are designed with gold in mind.

The idea behind them is that they give the illusion of gold.

When you wear them, you look like a real gem.

They also give the impression that the heel is super shiny.

However, if you want to have a look that is not fake but looks like a genuine gem, you have to use silver.

It is the color that gives the impression of a real diamond, according to Marcia K. Lee, the founder of Diamond Shoe.

The company uses the colors blue and gold as their base colors and then applies a layer of gold onto top.

Lee says the process takes about 30 to 60 seconds, depending on the size and the shape of the diamond.2.

What you need to know about the Gold-Plated High HeelsIn addition to their beautiful look, Gold-Pated High heels can also be very fashionable.

Lee explains that the golden look is also a trend that has been going on for quite some time.

“The gold-plating is not the only reason people are using them.

There are other reasons, like a woman’s preference to wear gold-gold flats,” she says.

“There are other factors that can affect how a person looks.

A woman might be attracted to the look of gold-suede shoes.”3.

The gold-pated high heel can also give women an extra layer of heightIn the case of a woman who is taller than average, the Gold Plated High heel can add a bit of extra height.

“For a taller woman, the gold-sided high heels give her a bit more support,” says Lee.

The extra height can also add some weight to the shoes, as the gold can help to soften the shoe.

“It can make the shoe feel more solid, more stable, and it makes it feel more like a gold-backed watch,” Lee says.

You can find the gold plated high-heel in a wide range of colors.

It can be as subtle as a subtle golden or as flashy as a golded diamond.

The color choices include brown, blue, green, purple, or a variety of shades.

Lee also recommends that you wear the shoes in a low-profile setting.

“A woman might want to wear a dress to work or school, or to a movie, or in a cocktail hour.

The shoes are very stylish, but they are not going to be worn all day.

You want to make sure they look good with a dress and a cocktail,” she explains.4.

Gold plated heels are a must-have for menThe gold plating on a gold high- heel is a signature style of women’s high heels.

In fact, it is considered the most fashionable and most popular way to wear high heels for men.

There is even a line of men’s accessories called the “High Heels for Men.”

This line is made up of premium gold-edged high heels that are made with the perfect balance of style and durability.

For men, the name Diamond Shoes is a reference to the color of the high-polished diamond, which is also the color used for the heels themselves.

The name is a nod to the fact that these high-powered heels are also very durable.

Gold high heels can be a bit pricey, but Lee says they are the most affordable options for men’s high-end accessories.

“These high-quality, gold-colored high heels will last for years,” she adds.

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