When Jordan High Stakes: Jordan Brand shoes make a splash with new line

By JORDAN STEELE Source Fortune December 6, 2018 05:00:46By JORDan SteeleBy Jordon SteeleThe latest Jordan Brand shoe line to join the Jordan Brand is “crazy high heels.”

The shoes will be released in November and retail for $160, but it looks like this line is going to take a while to sell.

The brand recently released a new line of high-top Jordan shoes, and this is what the company said about the brand’s newest line of shoes.

Jordan Brand has released two new Jordan shoes in the past few weeks: the Jordan 10-20, and the Jordan 11-16.

The two new lineups feature a pair of high heels that are the most fashionable yet.

In the 10-22, Jordan Brand has taken a more aggressive stance on the heels and dropped the “Crazy” word from its name, instead choosing “Fiery” for the brand.

Jordan Brand previously had two high-tops, the 10 and the 11-14.

The 10-14 featured a similar design as the 11, but a slightly different silhouette.

The 12-20 featured a slightly more modern design, and was released in September.

The 10-21 and 11-15 will be available for preorder on November 14th.

The 11-18 will be launched at an unspecified date.

The 22 will debut at a later date.

The Jordan 11 “Crazies” line of Jordan shoes are expected to retail for between $160 and $180.

The shoes feature a higher toe, a longer heel and a higher cut.

They are also expected to be made from a synthetic material, which is said to make the shoes a more comfortable shoe for both men and women.

These shoes will retail for around $160.

Jordan is expected to release a more detailed look at these high-heeled shoes in early 2018.

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