High heels ‘must have a colour’

High heels are a trendy accessory in the UK.

They have been adopted by celebrities like Victoria Beckham and even Katy Perry.

They are also a source of debate in the fashion industry, with designers complaining about the impact of colour on a high-heeled woman’s appearance.

So how does a designer make sure a high heel is made with the right colour?

We asked designers to reveal their favourite colours.

Here’s a look at their favourites.

BLACK High heels: black is often associated with high heels.

This colour is the most popular choice for high heels in the US, with black high heels having the most popularity among women.

The colour is traditionally used to give the appearance of having a ‘dark’ or ‘grim’ complexion.

The style has been popular for decades, with the black colour being favoured by many black artists in the 1970s and 80s.

A darker colour will not only add a dramatic effect to the colour but will also give the wearer a ‘slender’ silhouette, as well as accentuating the shape of her feet.

Black high heels also look very ‘slanted’ and ‘sloped’, so that the wearer looks like she is having a more rounded or flat shape.

WHITE High heels, white: white is a colour that is often used to highlight a woman’s legs and hips.

It’s a slightly more subdued colour than black, and is used to add texture to high heels as well.

The effect is often seen on women who have a more masculine look.

The darker colour gives a slightly lighter look to the legs and an almost ‘dazzling’ effect to a woman.

The lightness of white is complemented by the soft texture of the material.

As with black, the shape is not as defined, and the effect is more subtle.

It can be used for a number of purposes, but the effect will typically be achieved by adding a subtle gloss.

GREY High heels with pink: a colour commonly used to emphasise a woman ‘plump’ figure.

It is often found on women with large breasts and a ‘sassy’ personality, such as models and models’ friends.

This is also often associated to a softer and more feminine look, as it’s used in conjunction with a lighter shade of pink.

The shade is often paired with lighter shades of pink, which creates a ‘flattering’ effect.

It also lends a feminine, more ‘masculine’ look to a wearer.

This shade has also been used by designers who want to create a more feminine-looking look.

BROWN High heels of brown: brown is usually associated with ‘soft’ and feminine look.

This can be achieved with a neutral colour, such the dark brown colour, or by adding light shimmer to the shoe.

The texture of brown can be very subtle and subtle, so it’s usually best to be careful with this colour choice.

It may be a little difficult to wear a brown high heel for long periods of time, and it’s important to keep this colour off your feet.

It tends to blend into your skin colour, making you look less masculine, as opposed to an ‘ugly’ or masculine colour.

It will help to remove the shine from the shoe and will accentuate the colour of the shoes fabric, providing a more soft and feminine effect.

GREEN High heels from green: green is often described as ‘natural’, which is often considered to be an appropriate colour to use in a high heels colour palette.

This natural colour can be described as a deep green, or can be further softened by using a lighter colour.

The effects are often subtle, and can be worn as an accent to the heel, or may even enhance the effect.

The green colour is also used in a number for the heels’ heels.

The heel itself should not be overly bright, as the darker the colour, the more prominent the effect of the colour will be.

It has been used for many years in the USA to give a soft, slightly yellowish feel to a pair of heels, as an ‘alternative’ to a bright colour.

This has been a popular choice among models and model friends for years.

The lighter shade is usually a very subtle effect, but can be incorporated into the heel to add a feminine effect to make the effect even more prominent.

RED High heels without red: red is often said to be the colour used to ‘recreate’ the colour red.

This particular colour is often referred to as ‘black’ and is often worn in conjunction to brown.

This makes the effect more subtle, as red does not have the effect that brown has, but is also less bright.

The colours can be blended together, or mixed together in a way that makes the colour appear less bright and more subdued.

This combination can also be used in fashion, as green and red can be combined to create subtle effects.

A lighter shade can be added to the heels to give an effect of being more feminine, or more of a ‘blush’ effect, depending

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