‘Glamorous’ fashion designer says she’ll never wear high heels again

When Dalia Wertheimer was a child, she was fascinated by high heels and what they could do to her feet.

Wertheim, a designer at the prestigious American couture house Dior, had grown up in the ’80s and ’90s in New York and had recently moved to Los Angeles to pursue her career in design.

‘I’d seen some incredible heels, and I’d never seen one like a high heel,’ Wertheli said in an interview.

‘When you’re wearing a high-heeled shoe, it’s like you’re taking a leap into the unknown.’

Wertsheimer has since changed her mind about the importance of high heels.

‘High heels are very, very dangerous,’ she said.

‘They can give you the most horrible injury.’

In her opinion, high heels are designed to give a woman an illusion of being taller and thinner than she really is, but in reality, they are designed for the sole purpose of enhancing the height of her feet, according to Wertheri.

‘In order to look taller, you need to get a higher-heel shoe,’ she told WIRED.

‘And a higher heel is the best way to do that.’

For her part, Wertheimer is a big fan of the new low-heels, which are available from Dior.

‘We have a whole line of low-cut shoes, which we sell exclusively through Dior,’ she explained.

‘It’s a very low-slung, low-rise shoe that gives you a more realistic height than the heels that people are used to.’

But it’s not just high heels that Werthelli finds problematic.

‘A lot of people like to wear heels, because it’s fun,’ she says.

‘But the problem with heels is that they make people taller than they really are.

The heels are for decoration, and they’re not for health.’

It’s not that Wero is against wearing heels; she’s just against their appearance.

‘You need to be careful,’ she insists.

‘The fact that people think they’re taller, it just means that they have the wrong foot.’

As a designer, Wero said she doesn’t take a stand on the subject of whether or not women should wear heels.

Wero believes it’s important to acknowledge that there is a difference between having a natural height and having one that is exaggerated, and that it’s up to each individual woman to decide whether they’re going to achieve that height.

‘For a woman who is not a fan of heels, it is also a question of choice,’ she wrote in a recent blog post.

‘Because if she does not want to wear high-cut heels, then she is a slob and should be ashamed.

But if she chooses to wear them, it does not mean that she’s a slobsphere, or that she should be embarrassed about her natural height.’

A woman’s height is not determined by the way she dresses, nor is it determined by what kind of shoes she wears, nor does it necessarily reflect her health status.

Women’s body is not the only thing that matters.

‘My goal is to help people choose healthily,’ she concludes.

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