Why ‘Touched by Lightning’ is the most talked about movie of 2016

It was the second time this year that a movie that starred an Oscar-nominated actress was a huge box office hit.

The second of the year’s big box office hits, the Oscar-winning film “Touched By Lightning,” hit theaters in December 2016.

Since then, the box office numbers have only gotten worse, as the movie has seen a drop in box office revenue over the past few months.

This weekend, it is projected to be the biggest-grossing movie of all time, with an estimated $9.4 billion.

The box office was supposed to be a boon for Sony Pictures, which is releasing the film in the United States.

But the company was forced to scramble to release the film overseas as well.

The movie has been a disappointment for many people in the industry, as it did not get wide release overseas.

It was not only disappointing in the U.S., but also in the film industry as a whole.

Here are 10 reasons why this movie’s success has left the industry in a terrible state.1.

It Wasn’t Priced Right.

The film is the fourth-highest-grossed film of 2016, behind “The Martian,” “The Hobbit: The Battle of Five Armies” and “The Secret Life of Pets.”

As expected, “Tapped” was priced way too high.

The film was released in theaters on Christmas Day, and was expected to be released in December, which was actually a better time than most of the movie’s critics expected.

However, the movie is expected to hit theaters for the first time in March.

The average ticket price in the first weekend was $28.97, according to BoxOfficeMojo.com.

And “Tatted” grossed $2.25 million in the second weekend of December, compared to $1.9 million in January.

The biggest issue with “Tangled” was that the film did not have a single major distributor that would allow it to be shown at major movie theaters.

The problem is even worse when you consider that “Tattooed” was the highest-grosser movie of the weekend.

Thats because “Tainted” and other low-budget films that are released with a major distribution network have not been as successful, according the film’s distributor.

Even though “TATTOOED” was a great film, its success was not reflected in the box offices.2.

The Cast Was Not Represented in the Film.

In addition to the cast, “The Tattoo” was also cast by a handful of other actors, including a former “X-Men” actress, a “Fantastic Four” actor, and a former Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles actor.

The cast members also did not participate in the filming of the film, but they did appear in the trailers.

And even though there were a few new voices in the movie, none of them were cast by actors who were in the previous “Titten Panther” movies.

The actors were given the opportunity to be more involved in the story by writing and directing the scenes.

The casting of a handful for a feature film can be a great opportunity to show off your talents, but for the most part, the actors were not given the chance to voice any of the main characters.3.

The Film Was Not Produced in Japan.

It is expected that “The Touch” will be released worldwide by Sony Pictures Entertainment.

However for a film like this, which will be screened in Japan, it was never made in Japan to begin with.

The only way for the film to be seen in Japan is if it is distributed by Sony, which did not happen for “Treeted.”

The film also did a terrible job at getting international release.

Because the film was not released in Japan and because it was not distributed by a major distributor, the film failed to make much of an impact on the international box office.

However the film has had a positive impact in the countries that are releasing it.4.

There Is No Trailer.

The trailer for “The Untitled Titten Panther Movie” does not even have a teaser for it.

It shows a character being dragged off a cliff by a giant shark, and there are no images of the Titten.

Instead, there is a generic shot of a man with a bandage on his head and a woman on the beach.

The trailer did not include a description of what was going on in the trailer, and it does not explain how the trailer is supposed to make sense.5.

The Casting Is So Different.

While “Tamed” was released by Sony Studios, the “Titties” movie is not coming out by Sony.

This is a different studio from the one that made “Ticked” and that is also releasing the “The Shape of Water.”

Sony is a much smaller company than Sony Pictures.

It is a private company that does not have the resources to release a feature-length film, especially

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