How to tell if your daughter’s high heels are high heels

In a city where girls’ high heels often end up in the garbage, the pink high heels of the royal high school have become a popular accessory.

“We wear these shoes to the beach,” said Elizabeth Le, a senior at Queen Elizabeth High School.

“It’s a little bit of a fashion statement.”

“The high heels make girls look like they have to be super athletic and they’re not,” said Le, who was dressed in a black high-heeled high-top.

The royal high-school in London has been in the news this week after a high-profile report suggested the school was considering a ban on high heels.

The high school had already taken steps to ban high heels by adding a dress code policy banning the sale of high-end shoes to students.

In recent years, high-priced, high heel dresses and high heels have been a popular trend among celebrities such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Lady Gaga’s boyfriend, Lorde.

But the Royal High School has also come under fire for a policy prohibiting girls from wearing high heels on campus.

On Wednesday, the school announced the policy was no longer in effect and it would only allow girls to wear low-cut high-waisted high heels and heels with a heel that was at least 2.5 inches (5 centimeters) below the ankle.

There is no word yet on what the policy will look like when the policy is implemented in 2019.

Elizabeth Le, right, with her sister, Leelah, at the Royal London High School in London, Ontario, on Wednesday.

The Royal High school is the only school in Canada that doesn’t allow high heels to be worn in its classrooms.

(Andrew Vaughan/Canadian Press)”We’re trying to get back to that sense of fun and fun with high heels that are a little more fun, a little less formal and a little gentler,” said senior Hannah Worsley.

Worsley and Leela have been attending the school for the past few years.

Ley said her sister wears them to school in the summer, but that she prefers to wear them indoors.

A dress code for the high school is currently under review, but if approved, it would take effect in 2019, according to Worssey.

Some parents and students at the school said they were concerned about the policy being implemented and whether or not it would deter girls from going to school.

Mimi Albin is the vice-president of communications at the Princess Diana School of the Arts in Ottawa.

“[It’s] definitely a challenge because we’re in a town where there’s been a lot of high school suicides in the last couple of years,” said Albin.

Albin said the school will look to work with parents and parents will be encouraged to share information with the school about their daughter’s shoe choices.

Last year, the high-dollar price tag of high heels was reported to be more than $6,000.

The cost of high shoes was reportedly $2,800 for a pair.

This year, some parents are taking a look at whether high heels were worth it for their daughters, but they are also concerned that wearing high-cost high heels could be problematic for students.

“They are becoming more and more a fashion item,” said student Rana Kishore.

“If we’re not doing it for ourselves, why are we doing it?”

They could look like a waste of money,” said Kishory, who is also a senior.

At the Royal school, the principal says they will continue to work on their dress code.

Kishore says she and other students will continue wearing high shoes indoors, but only in the evening and only to dress up for school.

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