Why I chose a high heel painting

By M.C. Siegel and J.J. Schuster,Times staff writerI’ve long been fascinated by the high heels, which were created by the designer Donna Karan.

She made them in the 1950s for women who wanted to look taller, heavier, and more confident.

They came in a wide variety of colors, from pink to dark blue, but they all had one thing in common: They were made with high heels.

They are now, as we write this, a thing of beauty, a symbol of what’s possible when women can wear them without the stigma associated with their previous styles.

In fact, the heels have been such a popular trend that we recently featured a video showing a woman wearing them.

In her book, “Hercules,” author Mary Shelley said, “It is only the courage of the bold woman, with the confidence of a champion, that can overcome the storm.”

And that is precisely what Karan achieved with her heels.

She said she wanted to show women who were more confident that there were others like them, and that they could be just as strong and powerful in a high heels world.

I think about the time I wore high heels in high school, and how it was a way of showing that I could have it all.

They were so beautiful, and they were my life, and I had to have them, she said.

I felt that wearing high heels is a kind of personal affirmation of strength, and the strength comes from having a different kind of self-confidence.

High heels are a very personal statement, Karan said.

They show that you are strong and confident and that you have the capacity to be proud of yourself.

I wore high heel shoes, and it really made me feel like a woman who had it all, she added.

The shoes really showed that.

I didn’t want to feel like I was a failure or something.

High heel paintings are a way to show the confidence that comes from being strong.

I was proud of my body, and my strength came from my self-worth, Karani said.

I was proud to be an advocate for women and to show that confidence, which I believe is one of the biggest things that is missing in our society.

Karan has painted over the years more than 200 high heel paintings, with some being permanent, others not.

I like to think of them as an artistic expression of who I am, she continued.

I remember one painting I did in the 1970s.

I had just come from a long day of painting.

I felt so energized.

I remember thinking, I’m going to go get these paintings done and I’ll paint them all tomorrow, and then it was like a blank slate, Karano said.

There was no work on it.

I painted all of these paintings.

I am a feminist, she concluded.

She painted over one of them, which is now on display at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum.

It depicts a woman with her knees spread wide apart in a yoga pose, her bare feet resting on the floor of a swimming pool.

I’m not saying that there’s a lot of confidence in those shoes, but that’s the confidence I had.

I thought I was strong, and in that moment, I felt like I could be strong.

The painting, however, has been vandalized, with a note saying “This painting was taken.

Please do not sell or distribute.

We will destroy it.”

Karan has no plans to return to the high heel business, although she does have plans to revisit her paintings.

“I hope to do another high heel piece someday, but for now I’m just working on something else,” she said, referring to her painting of a man in a cowboy hat and a cowboy shirt.

“And it’s just so beautiful.”

You can follow the author of this story on Twitter: @meganmickulski

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